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Ellemieke really connects, with passion and enthusiasm, also for you!

Who is Ellemieke Vliegen

My name is Ellemieke Vliegen, I got married in 1992 with Gert-Jan, the father of our three sons. We have a beautiful black Labrador Retriever, named Churchill. I’ve had a wonderful career in education and healthcare, and I’m a volunteer for several organizations. Truely, the best job is being a wedding registrar and ceremonial speaker. Why? I want to be meaningful, by creating a unique and personal wedding ceremony you and your guests will never forget.

We got married in 1992 in Raadhuis De Paauw, my wedding dress (made by my mother) was in the characteristic colors of a peacock (pure coincidence, really!) and I felt as proud as a peacock. It had to be that way.

I have worked in healthcare and education on the shop floor and at management level. Until my life turned upside down due to personal circumstances. After contemplation and reflection, I decided to take a completely different approach… becoming a wedding officiant. Celebrating love again and again, letting the bridal couple shine and telling their love story in a personal and appropriate way in a relaxed atmosphere. It makes me genuinely happy and it gives me full of energy. It was one of the best decisions ever!

In the municipalities of Lansingerland (Berkel, Bleiswijk and Bergschenhoek) and Albrandswaard (Poortugaal and Rhoon) I have been appointed as Extraordinary Civil Registrar. In addition, as an independent wedding officiant/ceremonial speaker, I also connect loved ones in marriage or register them as partners in other municipalities or ceremonially at home and abroad. I am also available for couples who want to celebrate their wedding anniversary and/or renew their wedding vows. I would like to come to you.

Municipality of Lansingerland

Municipality of Albrandswaard

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